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What is QD?

QD is a bare-bones, no-frills Intel 8080 assembler written in BASIC.

General summary of QD and its history (HTML)

QD source code, Model 4 BASIC (ASCII)
QD executable code (CMD, PLATFORM=Model 4/4D/4P, OS=TRSDOS 6)
QD compilation instructions and notes (ASCII)
QD operating instructions (ASCII)

QD online error code documentation (BINARY, OS=TRSDOS 6, DOS HELP UTILITY)
QD online error code documentation source code (ASCII+NON-PRINTABLES, OS=TRSDOS 6)

(Notice: TRSDOS Help source files contain non-printable ASCII characters that indicate the start of sections of the document. Subsequently, these files must be edited using an editor that leaves non-printable ASCII characters intact, such as LED6. The database file is generated using HELPG60)

QD online error code documentation (HTML)

Intel 8080 Assembly mnemonic validity test source (ASCII)
QD output from Intel 8080 Assembly mnemonic test (ASCII)

QD error-checking demonstrator (ASCII)
QD error-checking demonstrator output (ASCII)

Zilog Z-80/Intel 8080 opcode comparison table (HTML)
Zilog Z-80/Intel 8080 opcode comparison table (ASCII)

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