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What is QED?

QED is a no-frills, screen-oriented text editor, designed to be used by the first-time assembly language programmer, and in some cases, first-time computer user. QED is written in Z80 Assembly language, and was developed for the Tandy TRS-80 Model 4/4D/4P platform.

QED provides an interface similar to the LED editor from Misosys. It provides a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get view of the file being edited.

General summary of QED and its history (HTML)

QED source code, main module, Z80 Assembler (ASCII, NAME=QED/SRC)
QED source code, command routines, Z80 Assembler (ASCII, NAME=QEDCMD/SRC)
QED source code, memory and video manager, Z80 Assembler (ASCII, NAME=QEDMEM/SRC)

QED source code, full assembly listing, Z80 Assembler (HTML)
(The assembly listing is formatted for display on a HTML viewer.)
QED source code, full assembly listing, Z80 Assembler (ASCII, NAME=QED/LST)
(The assembly listing is formatted for standard 132 column x 66 column paper.)

QED executable code (CMD, PLATFORM=Model 4/4D/4P, OS=TRSDOS 6, NAME=QED/CMD)

QED command summary (HTML)

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