Section 1: The Internet Customer Anti-Spam Creed

  1. I will not ever respond to unsolicited e-mail or telephone spam.

  2. I will not buy or show any interest in any product sold by a spammer.
    (That includes refusing to buy from store chains that have spammed you.)

  3. I will not forward copies of any unsolicited e-mail to anyone other than my Internet Providers abuse incident department, or other authorities.

  4. I will promptly report all unsolicited e-mail involving illegal activities to the authorities.*

  5. When I report spam to the authorities or my Internet Provider, I will provide the complete message, including all headers.

  6. I will not participate in chain letters of any sort.

  7. I will make sure that all computers under my control cannot be used by hackers or spammers.

  8. I will make sure that my computers have the latest software security updates and all unneeded functions of my computers are turned off.

  9. I will disable auto-run, Javascript, Java, Active-X, image fetching and other automated features of the mail reading software that I use which spammers and hackers can exploit.

  10. I will avoid making my e-mail address easy for spammers to obtain.

  11. I will not attempt to gain access or to use the services of computers that I am not authorized to access.

  12. If my Internet Provider won't deal with spam or other abuse coming from their own customers, I will change providers.

  13. If mail I am expecting is delayed or blocked by the actions of my Internet Provider (because the mail is coming from a place with an ongoing spam or abuse problem), I will understand my Internet Providers actions. I will also encourage my correspondent to switch to a different Internet Provider that does not have a spam or abuse problem.

* FRAUD WARNING: Any situation where someone you don't know is offering you lottery or similar prizes that you did not sign up for, or someone offers you a money in exchange for your participation in a funds transfer, these are ALL scams and are also ILLEGAL. People just do NOT give you thousands of dollars for next to nothing. That's why they want you to keep the incident confidential.
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